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Dr. Dan Vosgerichian is a business coach in Jacksonville, Florida, specializing in performance and mindset consulting with a firm basis in sport psychology. His coaching aims to help both athletes and executives break through plateaus, ignite performance and maximize every opportunity. He's passionate about helping his clients get clear on their dreams and teaching success principles to ensure their best performance. Dr. Dan owns and operates Elite Performance Solutions Inc. a consulting firm based out of Northeast Florida offering sports mental coaching and business coaching services.



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“Dr. Dan has been a great asset to me and my athletes over the course of my coaching career. He brings extensive knowledge as well as dedication to working with each and every athlete that crosses his path. I recommend him without reservation. I am confident he can help you get to the next level in your athletic endeavors.”

Dr. Dan V | Peter Koumlelis | sports psychology | sports mental training

Peter Koumlelis, Track & Field Coach, U of Maryland, Baltimore Co. June 20, 2016

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"Dr. Dan's ability to work with so many different types of people and personalities is quite amazing. He has a knack for helping his clients break through and improve at an alarming rate. He's great at building trust worthy relationships and open dialogue, allowing for the best results possible. Whether in a classroom setting, on-course, or at a tournament, Dan is a rock star when it comes to maximizing performance in his clients!"

Dr. Dan V | Bill Schmedes | golf psychology | golf mental training

Bill Schmedes III, PGA, Director of Instruction, Fiddler's Elbow June 20, 2016

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"We really enjoyed having Dr. Dan speak to our student athletes and parents. We found his talk to be very appropriate for our athletes and would encourage others to utilize his enthusiasm and knowledge. The material was impactful and relevant, because of how it relates to accomplishing everyday tasks and long-term goals on the field, in the classroom, or in nearly every other realm. We will definitely invite him back to speak."

Dr. Dan V | Chris Crider | sports psychology | sports mental training

Chris Crider, Athletic Dir., Stanton College Prep School June 20, 2016

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"Not only does Dr. Dan have the knowledge to help people be better on the golf course, but he also has the ability and patience to help them off the course. His passion and versatility with the game makes him a go-to-guy for me when it comes to referring my players to become better golfers and people."

Dr Dan V | Travis Fulton

Travis Fulton, Golf Digest Top 40 Instructor under 40 June 4, 2016

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“Dr. Vosgerichian’s presentation at the Greater Orlando Organization Development Network taught us how to improve our own performance through the connection of sports and performance psychology.  Member feedback on his presentation was great and we look forward to learning from him again in the future.” 

Dr. Dan V | Rob Rogers | golf psychology | golf mental training

Rob Rogers, President at GOOD Network June 4, 2016

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Dr. Dan has had a positive impact on my life both professionally and personally. I left Japan when I was 15 years old because I wanted to improve my golf game. After I came to the U.S., Dr. Dan helped me improve my golf game both physically and mentally. Although I struggled because I couldn’t speak English very well, Dr. Dan put in extra effort to make sure I got as much out of his program as possible. Dr. Dan has changed my life and I couldn’t have come this far without him.

Dr. Dan V | Yuka Kajiki | golf psychology | golf mental training

Yuka Kajiki, college golfer, University of Houston June 4, 2016