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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who should work with Dr. Dan?

Dr. Dan works with individuals and groups in Jacksonville, Florida, wishing to improve their performance and wanting to increase their overall quality of life. He specializes in working with athletes, sports teams, sport organizations, businesses, corporations, organizations, executives, professionals, and performers.

What is Mental Coaching?

The words mental coaching, mental game coaching, mental training, mental toughness training, and mental conditioning are synonymous with one another. In short, mental coaching is meant to help athletes get the most out of themselves by learning how to manage their thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Mental coaching helps athletes understand how the mind effects performance and how to manage the mind to improve performance during practice and competition.

How can mental coaching be used in business coaching?

It is becoming increasingly popular for executives and corporations to seek the assistance of sport psychologists and consultants with advanced training in sport and performance psychology. The field of sport and performance psychology is one of the most rigorously researched and validated fields with regard to enhancing individual performance (i.e., executive coaching) and building high performance teams (i.e., organizational development). Many business professionals like the idea of training their executives like “corporate athletes” and have found massive success using sport as an engaging metaphor to deliver proven peak performance principles and success strategies. Furthermore, top level performance coaches like Dr. Dan have taken this one step further and combined these strategies with tools from organizational development and industrial-organizational psychology to create powerful dynamic programming for executives, businesses, corporations, organizations, and professionals.

How does mental coaching work?

Every athletes and teams experience with mental coaching will be slightly different, because every athlete and team is unique. Every athlete and team will have different mental strengths and potential areas they wish to work on in their mental game.

Dr. Dan takes his time to assess and evaluate every athlete and team he works with, in order to customize a mental training plan that fits their goals and needs. Following an evaluation, Dr. Dan will create a mental training plan to help the athlete or team.  Mental training plans will include a combination of mental skills and success strategies that have been validated by research.

What type of mental coaching services do you offer?

Dr. Dan offers a wide range of mental coaching programs. He offers programs for individuals and teams, for nearly every sport, and for athletes of every level. Dr. Dan makes sure to personalize and customize programs to fit the athletes and team’s needs.

Dr. Dan offers in-person coaching as well as distance coaching (i.e., phone and video conferencing). For a full description of programs, please go to the service pages. If you don’t see a program listed or have questions about a program, contact Dr. Dan.

What kind of results can I anticipate from mental coaching?

Individual results from mental coaching services will vary from athlete-to-athlete. Results are contingent on multiple factors, which include, but are not limited to: consistent implementation of mental skills, following through on mental training plan, and motivation to improve mental game.

In general, however, expected outcomes may include increased confidence, better emotional control, heightened focus, an improved ability to deal with challenges and adversity, and greater ability to enter peak performance states.

How many sessions will it take before I see results from mental coaching?

It’s important to remember that mental skills just like physical skills need to be deliberately practiced. In general, the more an athlete practices and uses their mental skills the more ingrained these mental skills will become and quicker they will be learned.

Every athlete has different needs and goals. Therefore, the exact number of sessions will vary from athlete-to-athlete. Some athletes will notice positive changes after one or two sessions, while for others it can take more sessions. In general, however, research demonstrates that on average it takes 10-14 weeks of consistent mental skills training to notice lasting results. This is why Dr. Dan recommends athletes initially purchase packages, so they receive consistent on-going mental coaching.

Does Dr. Dan engage in psychological services?

While Dr. Dan Vosgerichian earned his Ph.D. in Sport Psychology and Educational Psychology from Florida State and holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Counseling from Springfield College, he is not a licensed psychologist. The majority of his services are coaching and consulting based, meaning his services focus on performance enhancement and increasing general quality of life. Dr. Dan specializes in helping enhance athletes, business professionals, and performers get the most out of themselves.

The word “psychology” “psychological” and “psychologist” are protected terms by the majority of state licensing boards as well as national boards. In order to legally use these terms as a description of services or professional title, an individual must be licensed by proper state authorities and/or national boards. The term “psychology” and “psychologist” generally infers being licensed to treat mental health and clinical issues. This legally limits and prohibits the ability for professionals to use terms such as “sport psychology” “performance psychology” “sport psychologist” “performance psychologist” etc. Unfortunately, many individuals who refer to themselves as Sport Psychologists or Sport Psychology Consultants are not legally allowed to within the scope of the law.

Dr. Dan Vosgerichian and Elite Performance Solutions Inc. does its best to appropriately follow all state and national laws. Any usage of the term “sport psychology” “performance psychology” “industrial- organizational psychology” or derivative of these terms by Dr. Dan Vosgerichian infers performance enhancement (i.e., mental conditioning, mental coaching) and is not meant to describe services as the diagnosis or treatment of mental health services or infer licensure as psychologist.

Dr. Dan Vosgerichian and Elite Performance Solutions does their best to educate national and local media as well as outside organizations/agencies of these matters, and is not responsible for their misusage of these terms when referencing him, his services, or Elite Performance Solutions.

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