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Golf is considered to be the greatest mental test of all sports. To reach their full potential, golfers must learn to master their thoughts and emotions. No matter if you’re looking to win more tournaments, lower scores, build confidence, enhance concentration or get over first tee jitters you’ve come to the right place.

Dr. Dan has over ten years of experience with golf coaching and working with golfers to maximize their mental game using techniques stemming from sport psychology. Currently based out of Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. Dan has had clients which include golfers from The PGA TOUR, LPGA TOUR, TOUR, PGA Latin America, as well as some of the top junior and collegiate players in the country. Dr. Dan has experience training elite golfers on every aspect of the game. He served as The Director of Mental Training at GGGA as well as a Mental Game Coach for Nike Golf Schools. He’s also worked as an instructor at The PGA TOUR Golf Academy and assistant golf coach at Springfield College. Dan’s worked as a professional caddie at TPC Sawgrass Home of The PLAYERS as well as an assistant to Florida State University’s PGA Professional Golf Management Program.

If you’re looking to overcome performance challenges in your golf game and reach your full potential then we have a program that will fit your goals.

1-on-1 Golf Mental Coaching

The best way to optimize each golfer’s mental game is with personalized mental coaching that is customized to fit their individual needs. One-on-one sessions occur in the office, on the range, on the putting green, and on the course.

Golf Schools

Perfect for teammates, friends, family, colleagues, and even fellow competitors to learn proven strategies to enhance their mental game during practice and competition. Ideal for 2-4 players working in a fun, learning environment in one day and two day sessions.

Golf Keynotes & Seminars

Dr. Dan is accustomed to delivering inspiring and impactful seminars for golf federations, teams and associations. Popular topics include: Inside The Winning Mind, Master Your Golfing Personality, Prepare Like a Pro, and more. All designed to give golfers tangible strategies to employ right away.

Online Mental Coaching

Online Mental Coaching is a great option for athletes who are unable to meet in person through video conferencing with additional communication through email, text and Edufii. Athletes receive a personalized mental training program plan just as they would meeting in person.

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