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Dr. Dan’s Philosophy

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. Dan is a mental game coach and executive business coach trained in sport psychology. Dr. Dan specializes in delivering peak performance skills that elevate performance in athletics and business. Whether you are an athlete or executive, a sports team or organization, there are proven success strategies to help you reach your goals

Dr. Dan uses an integrative approach from sport psychology, performance psychology, positive psychology, organizational development, and personal development to help his clients optimize performance. All the strategies used by Dr. Dan are validated by years of scientific research. Dr. Dan combines these success principles with powerful metaphors and stories from sport, business, special ops, and life to deliver programming in an engaging manner that motivates and empowers his clients to positively change.

While Dr. Dan strategically offers programs to fit his client’s needs. Every scenario is novel and deserves strategies that are specific to the client. This is why Dr. Dan’s coaching and consulting services are customized as much as possible to fit his client’s strengths, values, experiences, goals, and needs.

While some strategies may differ for teams, organizations, and business clients, below is a general description of Dr. Dan’s overall philosophy to peak his clients’ performance.

Dr. Dan uses five primary peak performance skillsets to optimize performance in his clients:

  • Goal Mapping
  • Optimal Action
  • Thought Management
  • Energy-Tension Regulation
  • Facilitative Imagery

Goal Mapping: Goal Mapping combines goal-setting and self-awareness to create a Massive-Action- Plan (MAP) to help clients reach their dreams. Goal Mapping is superior to traditional goal-setting because it takes into account your personality traits, individual tendencies, past experiences, and current abilities. The final product of each Goal Mapping session is an individualized action plan to guide you in achieving your goals and dreams. At the end of each Goal Mapping session, clients will have their own personal MAP to success.

Optimal Action: Optimal Actions is the primary key to helping a client reach their dreams, remember that the “a” in map stands for action. A client can have the greatest goal-map in the world, but the only way to get to their destination is with positive and productive actions. Optimal Action strategies include: positive habits, efficient routines, quality practice, proactive planning, and modelling success principles.

Thought Management:  Thought Management teaches clients how to manage their thoughts, beliefs, and self-talk to support their goals and help create their dreams. It’s not enough to use the correct words, clients are also taught to create positive meanings in the words they use. This is an essential step to constructing empowering beliefs that are congruent with the client’s goals. This helps create an optimistic mindset that is able deal with challenges with emotional intelligence and effectively manage expectations. Finally, Thought Management strategies teach clients how to make decisions that optimize their daily actions and effectively solve problems in a solution-oriented manner.

Energy-Tension Regulation: The mind and body are closely linked: the mind effects the body and the body effects the mind. Energy-Tension Regulation teaches clients how to effectively manage their physiological energy levels through relaxation-activation exercises and biofeedback. Energy-Tension Regulation also teaches clients how to regulate their tension levels, and also helps teaches clients learn how to use body language to enhance confidence and improve decision making. These techniques and strategies, help clients achieve their Individual Zone of Optimal Function (IZOF) more often, which can lead to flow like states and also increase our client’s ability to effectively manage their emotional states.

Facilitative Imagery: Facilitative Imagery is similar to visualization, but incorporates all of the bodies senses, including: what you see, what you hear, what you feel, what you taste, and what you smell. The more senses a client utilizes, the more vivid their imagery is within their mind. Research has shown that positive-vivid imagery can: improve motor performance, create positive habits, assist with strategy development, improve motivation, enhance confidence, help manage stress/anxiety, help manage emotions, and improve a person’s self-image. Facilitative imagery teaches clients to harness the power of their images by creating positive vivid mental images in key areas they wish to create facilitative change.

Dr. Dan Vosgerichian

Dr. Dan Vosgerichian

Dr. Dan Vosgerichian specializes in working with athletes, teams, executives and organizations to achieve their goals and reach their potential. He earned his doctorate in Sport Psychology from Florida State University (FSU), where he worked closely with their Athletic Department and PGA Program.

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