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Whether you or your team have hit a plateau or just want to achieve more, you deserve to see how far you can go. Dr. Dan V offers business coaching services to help athletes and executives break through plateaus, ignite performance, and maximize opportunity utilizing techniques based in sport psychology. Every athlete and organization is different, each have their own obstacles and each deserve to get specialized attention to help maximize their opportunity to reach peak performance. Dr. Dan offers a variety of different coaching and consulting services in the following areas:

   Business Coaching

Dr. Dan helps executives and entrepreneurs get to the next level in their career, manage talent with employees, build top-industry leaders, and creating a high performance team. No matter area for improvement and opportunity, there is a solution. It all starts with identifying goals and obstacles and devising a plan of attack to fit the needs of the individual or organization.

Golf Mental Coaching

Dr. Dan has worked with elite golfers at every level including the PGA TOUR, LPGA TOUR, TOUR, PGA Latin America, as well as some of the top junior and collegiate players in the country. If improved performance on the golf course is your pursuit, Dr. Dan can create a personalized golf mental training program for you or your team.

Sports Mental Coaching

When you believe in yourself you perform better. When you and your team believe in one another the team performs better. Dr. Dan uses years of experience and proven strategies to unlock elite athletic performance through mental training and proven sports psychology principles for many different athletes and sports, including football, tennis, basketball, golf and more, but each athletic goal and team endeavor is unique.

Seminars & Keynotes

Dr. Dan specializes in delivering targeted Seminars and Keynotes for both small and large groups, for both golfers and businesses. Dr. Dan has delivered motivational and targeted seminars to national sports federations to corporations all across the world to groups of all sizes and golfers of all ability levels.

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