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Dr. Dan V is an experienced sports coach who can help you master a truly athletic mindset. Whether you are part of a team or playing an individual sport, Dr. Dan uses training based in sport psychology to help you get there. It’s no secret that all action starts from within. When you believe in yourself you perform better. When you and your team believe in one another the team performs better. It’s that simple, unfortunately sometimes it does not seem that easy though. Dr. Dan focuses on making the difficult simple and easy again.

Dr. Dan specializes in working with teams and athletes to fulfill their true potential. He has over ten years of experience as a mental conditioning coach and performance consultant. Dr. Dan has vast experience working with players and teams from nearly every sport and every level. Whether you’ve experienced a setback such as an injury, have plateaued or are looking to go from good-to-great there are tools and strategies that can enable you to get to the next level within your game.

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1-on-1 Mental Coaching

The best way to optimize each athlete’s mental game is with personalized mental coaching and an individualized mental training program that is customized to fit their individual needs. One-on-one sessions occur in the office as well as on the field with the athlete.

Team Mental Coaching

Mental coaching can be used to improve team performance and group cohesion, as well as to enhance the overall effectiveness of a sports organization. Dr. Dan has worked with a variety of different sports and is accustomed to preparing an individualized approach to increase team performance.

Online Mental Coaching

Online Mental Coaching is a great option for athletes from junior to professional who are unable to meet in person through video conferencing with additional communication through email, text and Edufii. Athletes receive a personalized mental training program plan just as they would meeting in person.

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